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Spare parts request

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Status of repairs

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Answers to frequently asked questions

How long does a repair take?

We will try to process your repair within 7 working days.

Please note that in exceptional cases we are dependent on the delivery of spare parts, which can extend the usual processing time.

You can easily check the current repair status anytime online at:

How do I submit a repair order?

Use our online repair order to quickly and easily record your device data.

Please send the device with your contact details and proof of purchase to:
ESCoor Service Systems GmbH & Co.KG
Friedrich-Penseler-Str. 17
21337 Lüneburg

Will it cost me anything to fix?

If your device repair is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty,
the repair is free of charge for you.

You are also welcome to send us your device for repair at a charge.

How does a paid repair work?

You are welcome to send us your device outside the manufacturer’s warranty.

Please use our online repair order form

After sending it in, we will send you a transparent cost estimate by email. As soon as you have agreed to the cost estimate, we will start to repair your device.

Tip: State your maximum repair price directly with the online order and we will start repairing the device as soon as we receive it.

How can I order spare parts for my device?

You can conveniently request all original spare parts online at:

You will receive a non-binding offer, after acceptance and transfer you will receive the item immediately.

What should be observed when packing the devices?

When shipping your device, please make sure that it is sufficiently protected by packaging, please use best therefore the original packing.

Please refer directly to the regulations of your shipping company for the minimum packaging protection.